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Tuur Moens

Most praised for his unique style and his unerring consistency as a drummer, Tuur has developed a highly diversified artistic palette ranging from jazz and latin to African and Brazilian music. He mesmerizes audiences, performing in a deeply charged pace that begets soulful perfection.

Artists Tuur is playing- or has played for:

Teus Nobel (NL), João Frade (PT), Munir Hossn (BR), Antonio Lizana (ES), Jorge Pardo (ES), Joaquin Sosa (CU), Lura (CV), Toy Vieira (CV), Ariel Bringues (CU); Luis Guerra (CU), Lucia Fumero (ES), Mehdi Nassouli (MA), Cheick Amadou Tidiane Seck (ML), Marmoucha Orchestra (NL), Dave Valentine (PR), Anabela Aya (AO), Nino Jazz (AO), State of Monc (NL), Ntjam Rosie (NL),  Pepe Romero (ES), and many more...

Some noteworthy festivals:

North Sea Jazz Festival (2009/2011/2012/2014/2015/2017/2018/2023), Rotterdam (Netherlands) /
Womad Festivals in Adelaide (Australia), Santiago (Chile), Caseres (Spain), Mamlesbury (UK) /
Canarias Jazz y Mas (Gran Canaria & Tenerife) /

Mindel Summer Jazz, Mindelo (Cape Verde) / 

Brasov Jazz & Blues Festival, Brasov (Romania) / 

Cairo Jazz Festival, Cairo (Egypt) / 
Java Jazz Festival, Jakarta (Indonesia) / 

Jarasum Jazz Festival, Jarasum (South Korea) /

Baia Das Gatas Festival, Mindelo (Cape Verde) /

Suriname Jazz Festival, Paramaribo (Suriname) /

Babel Med Music, Marseille (France) /

FMM Sines, Sines (Portugal) /

Festival Med, Loulé (Portugal) /

Borneo Jazz Festival, Sarawak (Malaysia) /

Jazz au Chellah, Rabat (Morocco) /

Agitagueda, Agueda (Portugal) /

Jazz en Touraine, Touraine (France) /

Amersfoort Jazz & World Festival, Amersfoort (Netherlands) /

Technopolis Jazz Festival, Athens (Greece) /

Tropiques Atrium Scène National, Fort-de-France (Martinique) /

Jazz International, Rotterdam & Nijmegen (Netherlands) /

Strand Theater, Providence, RI (USA) /

Delft Jazz Festival, Delft (Netherlands) /

Jazz de Viseu, Viseu (Portugal) /

Artes à Rua, Evora (Portugal) /

Dias Latinos, Amersfoort (Netherlands) /

Africa Oyé Festival, Liverpool (UK) /

Terreiro do Paco, Lisbon (Portugal) /

Ritmo Festival, Budapest (Hungary) /

Métropole Jazz Festival, Nimes (France) /

Ethno Jazz Festival, Wrocław (Poland) /

JazzKif, Kinshasa (Democratic Republic du Congo) /

Fiest' A Sete, Sete (France) /

Jeruzalem Jazz Festival, Jeruzalem (Israel) /

Baku Jazz Festival, Baku (Azerbeijan) /

Saravah, Tokyo (Japan) /

B10, Shenzen, (China) /
and many more...


Nebula - Tuur Moens


Nebula is an ode to the universe. This album is dedicated to a dream about a very intense connection with our beautiful and mysterious universe.The picture you see on the cover, is an almost exact presentation of that dream.

The music is very melodic, groovy, from a jazz point of view with beautiful influences and grooves from Brazil and Africa. The musicians came together from al over the globe. A beautiful friendship and connection between Belgium, Portugal, Brazil, Netherlands and Spain, brings extra flavors and dimensions to the music.

released March 25, 2018

Tuur Moens: Drums, percussion, vocals and compositions
Munir Hossn: El. bass, ac. guitar, vocals and production
João Frade: Accordion
Thomas Maasz: Piano
Jorge Pardo (special guest): Flute

Niels Onstenk & Tuur Moens in Rotterdam (NL)
Mastering: Carlos Freitas at Classic Master in São Paulo (BR)
Artwork: Guillaume Saix at WebmyArt in Paris (FR)

Rewind - João Frade & Tuur Moens


The concept of “Rewind”, recorded between Albufeira (PT) and Rotterdam (NL) during the confinement period, owes much to the proximity allowed by technology. As a letter, Frade decided to send audiofiles and ideas along with some images collected during his recording to Tuur Moens, who immediately accepted the invitation, «because we both believe in resilience as a mandatory “tool” to make our world a better place», they say in the disc presentation notes. The process posed some constraints, especially «making the music sound “alive” and not something a little colder or less dynamic, which this type of context normally leads to», adds the accordionist.


released in  2022 on Kimahera Records, Portugal. 

João Frade: Accordeon, keys, vocals, compositions, arrangements

Tuur Moens: Drums, percussion, keys, vocals, compositions, arrangements

Adriano Alves “Dinga”: El. bass

Adam Hersh: Keys, synths

Augusto Baschera: El. guitar, vocals

Diogo Duque: Trumpet, flute

Eduardo Cardinho: Vibraphone

François Lapeyssonnie: El. bass

Léo Vrillaud: Keys

Jesus Bachi: El. bass

João Barradas: Accordeon, synth 

João Silva: Violin 

Michael Olivera: Vocals

Nino Jazz: Fender Rhodes, keys

Luis Guerra: Piano, Fender Rhodes

Panagiotis Andreou: El. bass

Tiago Oliveira: El. guitar

Tony Grey: El. bass

Yarel Hernandez: El. bass 

Xico Santos: El. bass

Zonsondergang vanuit het vliegtuigraam


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