Most praised for his unique style and unerring consistency as a drummer, Tuur has developed a highly diversified artistic palette ranging from jazz and latin to African and Brazilian music. He mesmerizes audiences, performing in a deeply charged pace that begets soulful perfection. His love for traveling complemented with opportunities to perform live in various countries continue to expose him to differing styles and rhythms which had initially lead to the development of his signature style and is part of the reason why the powerful, innovative and creative core of his music speaks perfectly to the demands of the new collective music.
Tuur is a highly demanded session- and studio musician and is active as regular drummer with LURA (Cape Vert), ANABELA AYA (Angola), MUNIR HOSSN (Brazil), TEUS NOBEL (Netherlands), ROGIER TELDERMAN TRIO (Netherlands) and more, touring all over the globe

Tuur Moens

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Nebula is an ode to the universe. 
This album is dedicated to a dream about a very intense connection with our beautiful and mysterious universe.
The picture you see on the cover, is an almost exact presentation of that dream. 

The music is very melodic, groovy, from a jazz point of view with beautiful influences and grooves from Brazil and Africa. 

Musicians came together from al over the globe. 
A beautiful friendship and connection between Belgium, Portugal, Brazil, Netherlands and Spain, brings extra flavors and dimensions to the music. 

Online released, March 25, 2018 

Tuur Moens: Drums, percussion, vocals and compositions 
Munir Hossn : El. bass, ac. guitar, vocals and production 
João Frade: Accordion 
Thomas Maasz: Piano 
Jorge Pardo (special guest): Flute 

Mixing: Niels Onstenk & Tuur Moens in Rotterdam (NL) 
Mastering: Carlos Freitas at Classic Master in São Paulo (BR) 
Artwork: Guillaume Saix at WebmyArt in Paris (FR)

Tuur Moens Nebula Album
artwork: Guillaume Saix @WebmyArt
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