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Released online MARCH 11th 2022 on Kimahera.

A collective of artists who came together at some point in their careers and interacted through social media during the quarantines. This is how the idea arose to record an album, made during a pandemic and between moments of lock-down and freedom.

It's as if they went back to the moment when they met and shared their musical word with the audience. The material resulting from these countless encounters has been used to create a new encounter from a distance.

The result is a fusion of musical colors with a total openness to multiculturalism. It is fresh and the resulting sounds are strongly marked by influences from world music and improvised music. Recorded in Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Canada, Angola, Cuba and Portugal, the REWIND work is distinguished by its character and strong rhythmic assertiveness.

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Most praised for his unique style and unerring consistency as a drummer, Tuur has developed a highly diversified artistic palette ranging from jazz and latin to African and Brazilian music. He mesmerizes audiences, performing in a deeply charged pace that begets soulful perfection. His love for traveling complemented with opportunities to perform live in various countries continue to expose him to differing styles and rhythms which had initially lead to the development of his signature style and is part of the reason why the powerful, innovative and creative core of his music speaks perfectly to the demands of the new collective music.





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